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What we do
The LEGO Ventures Incubation Studio is a startup and incubation studio that creates businesses centered around ideas in learning and play beyond the LEGO® brick.

We co-create with entrepreneurs and founders who want to build startups that will impact children and change the world, by bringing years of experience and access to an unparalleled network at the LEGO® Group that can help to propel your idea into a viable business.

Why we do it
We believe that great ideas are born from bringing different perspectives together and giving them a safe space to challenge and inspire each other. This is exactly the space that the Incubation Studio creates. By bringing together LEGO® colleagues and external entrepreneurs, we're taking a hands-on approach to exploring venture opportunities that extend the LEGO® Idea of learning-through-play.

Hear more about our what & why below:
Michael Stahl and Alexis Horowitz-Burdick introducing the LEGO Ventures Incubation Studio
Focus area
In LEGO Ventures' Incubation Studio we are passionate about looking beyond LEGO brick to find ideas and build businesses that sit at the intersection of learning, creativity, and play. "This works towards our goal of reaching children worldwide with high-quality and creative playful learning experiences."

We are dedicated and committed to preparing children for their future by helping them think outside the box, problem solve creatively, and collaborate with those around them. Fostering a love for life-long learning and supporting a child's motivation to learn means developing tools, materials and content to engage children with all the 21st century skills.
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