Bring your idea to life with LEGO Ventures' Incubation Studio
We work with founders to build start-ups that sit at the intersection of learning, creativity, and play

What we do
We believe that great ideas are born from bringing different perspectives together and giving them a safe space to challenge and inspire each other. This is exactly the space that the Incubation Studio creates. By bringing together LEGO colleagues and external entrepreneurs, we're taking a hands-on approach to exploring venture opportunities that extend the LEGO Idea of learning-through-play.
Michael Stahl and Alexis Horowitz-Burdick introducing the LEGO Ventures Incubation Studio

About the program
In Spring 2020, we'll be launching an online program for entrepreneurs based in Scandinavia to co-create startups with us. After each of the phases outlined below, we will review and select the participants that will continue to the next phase.
The application form is the first step towards joining our program. It is designed to get an insight into your past achievements, your idea, and your general fit for the program.

The application form closes on
April 23rd and we will get back to you shortly after this date.
Phone interview
For the entrepreneurs and ideas where we see a potential match, we will follow up with a short phone interview to understand a bit more about your background and the idea you wish to co-create a business on.
Online workshop
From May 11th – 15th up to 10 participants will join us for a week of online workshops designed to stretch and mature the ideas. Throughout the week we will work with various templates, frameworks, and tools to prepare the ideas for further validation. On the final day all participants will pitch their ideas.
Refine and validate
You will work alongside our team to further develop, refine, and validate your ambitious idea. There's also the possibility to spar with our LEGO Group network depending on your needs. This phase runs for one month starting May 18th. The final day will culminate with a pitch to a broader audience from LEGO Ventures, where you get the opportunity to convince us that we should build out your concept together.
Now it's time to start building the company together! In the build phase, which lasts up to 12 months, you will join our team and operate as a co-founder to build up the business. Once we have demonstrated product market fit and proven early traction in the market, the ambition is to spin out the project as a NewCo to commercialize and scale.
Focus area

In LEGO Ventures' Incubation Studio we look for ideas and build businesses that sit at the intersection of learning, creativity, and play. This aligns to the shared LEGO mission and support the goal of reaching children worldwide with high quality creative play and learning experiences.

In this cohort we look for ideas that address the future of play as now affected by COVID-19.
How can we reach children with new ways of learning through play and help them develop essential 21st century skills like creativity, curiosity, critical thinking, collaboration, confidence and empathy, while they are spending more time at home and daily life is changing?

Please note that LEGO Ventures is only focusing on exploring non LEGO brick related ideas and ventures.

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