Work with us
We invest in entrepreneurs and founders with the passion and motivation to build incredible and innovative new play and learning businesses all over the world. We invite you to reach out to us with a seed of an idea or at the early stage of building your company so we can co-create and design the next steps together. We welcome founders with prior startup experience who want to start a new venture focused on play, or founders with domain knowledge who are looking for business acumen to turn their idea into a company.
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Why work with us
Since the 1930's, the LEGO Group has been a leader in providing fun and unique play experiences for children. At LEGO Ventures' Incubation Studio, we've harnessed decades of learning and passion to deliver it to the next generation of play.
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We will help you with:
Market research
Concept validation and experience design
Go-to-market strategy
Product management
HR and Legal
Building your network
How will we work together?
Whether its just a seed of an idea or slightly more developed, we will work together to fully flesh out your idea and business bringing our deep expertise in designing playful experiences that delight children, engage teachers and support parents.
We have expertise and knowledge in rapidly validating ideas, assumptions and hypotheses. Ideas are great, but unless you're solving the right problems, ideas just remain ideas. We will coach and train you in customer research, user testing, business model validation and more. At this stage we will dive deep into validating:

  • Desirability - Does the user want to engage with this product or solution? Are you solving a problem?
  • Viability - Is a user willing to pay for the opportunity you have created?
  • Feasibility - Is this idea technically feasible to put in front of users?
Build it!
When an idea is put through the validation stage and receives amazing positive feedback, we enter the build stage! Together we will turn the validated business concept into a real product, ready for a market launch.
Spin out
It's time to grow your company outside of our cozy Incubation Studio. In this stage you will focus on getting your new Playful Learning Company running full steam, fully staffed and with support from LEGO Ventures investments.
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